By request – I was asked to walk through how i would approach an edit in FCPX, but also asked to keep it short and snappy. Here is as much FCPX as I can squeeze into under 20 minutes in real time – enjoy!

  1. Great guide for beginners and naysayers!

  2. Brad Russell

    Nice Tutorial ! I have nearly mad the jump to FCPX and videos like this are pushing me closer ! Cheers

  3. Brad Russell

    P.S Would love to see a quick video on how to have Multiple Sequences within One project.. (Excuse the old lingo)

    • Hi Brad – no problem. I’ll explore this in a short video and share it with you as soon as I’m done. Cheers 🙂

    • Thanks Braden 🙂 I have requested to join your group. See you there!

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