Thinking of accepting a job you were forwarded for in an FCPTalent Matchup? Here’s what you’re agreeing to by doing so.

• THE FEES ARE CHARGED TO THE CANDIDATES. We are not a recruitment placement service and our fee is not a charge for getting you work. We are a first contact service and our fee is for putting you in contact with potential employers who may or may not end up working for. We waive any fee if the employer you are put in contact with decides not to proceed or if you decide not to proceed with them. FCPTalent does NOT invoice the employer for the free 24 hour service – ever.

• YOU CHARGE WHAT YOU DECIDE TO. As a candidate, you charge whatever rate you wish; we leave that up to you.  Sometimes the employer will stipulate a budget upfront. You can accept that rate or pass the job over.

• ALWAYS CC US ON INVOICING.  As you work the job, you should CC the invoice that you send to your employer to

• THE FEE IS 10% – OF WHATEVER YOU INVOICE. The Talent Registry will then invoice you (the operator) 10% of the gross value of the job. There are no “deductions” its just a flat 10% of whatever is on the total of your invoice including taxes or expenses. This is part of the follow-up process of the Talent Registry Service. You don’t need to deal with it until after the job is complete…when we’ll get in touch with you.

• THE FEE IS CAPPED AT FOUR WEEKS.  For ongoing work, or work that continues with the same employer after the initial job, the fees are capped at 4 weeks from the first day of employment. This still applies if the job is a different project but no fees are ever charged after the first 4 weeks. If a job is project based, not time based the fee is 10% of the total project rate.

• THE FEE APPLIES TO ANY WORK DONE WHERE THE EMPLOYER HAS DISCOVERED THE CANDIDATE THROUGH A TALENT REGISTRY MATCHUP. If you are Matched-up to a job but then it is cancelled or delayed, often the client will want to work with you in the future. In this case, the Match-up fee will apply from the first day that you start working with the client who you have been acquainted with through a Talent Registry Match-up.

• YOU MAY CONTINUE TO ARRANGE WORK DIRECTLY THE EMPLOYER AFTER FOUR WEEKS WITHOUT THE TALENT REGISTRY FEE APPLYING. If  after four weeks the employer continues to work with you without going through us, that’s fine – you’ve established a new professional relationship, which we encourage.

• IF MATCHED TO THE SAME EMPLOYER AGAIN BUT THROUGH THE TALENT REGISTRY THE FEE WILL APPLY AGAIN.  If the same employer that you have worked for comes to us and we happen to match you up again, that is considered to be a new job and the Fee Structure begins again.


We consider this to be a very fair deal – especially compared to a traditional agency:

•We don’t charge you unless you actually work a job.
•We only charge 10% – less than a standard agency fee.
•Agencies traditionally charge a larger percentage, plus they charge the candidate and the employer.
•We don’t charge an ongoing percentage forever as an agency would.
•You get to charge what you like. We don’t negotiate your rate up with the employer, then tell you it’s far less and call the difference ‘profit’ – a standard industry practise.

IMPORTANT: Fees are due within 28 days of the completion of your job. It’s a good idea to pay the Talent Registry fee promptly – overdue fees will render your Talent Registry profile dormant and you will receive no further job offers after that.

You should only accept job offers through the Talent Registry if you think that’s a fair deal and agree to this fee structure.