What do you do? Are you an agency or something?

We are a ‘first contact’ service. You request an editor, colourist, motion graphic designer etc and we contact over 200 candidates in one fell swoop. Of those that are interested and available, we select between one and three for you to consider. We don’t get involved beyond finding your talent, and matching you up. We’re more like a dating service than an agency

So is it like a “jobs board”?

Categorically no – not at all! We are intermediaries that hand pick the best candidates who are interested and available for your specific job. We follow up to make sure you’re happy. We are people. Jobs boards don’t do that.

So if your main service is free – do you mind me asking how do you guys make money?

Not at all. Our candidates pay us a percentage if (and only if) they win work through us.

Where can I see the candidate's show reels and CVs?

Usually samples of work are to be found in the match-up email in the form of links to online video. DVD reels don’t exist anymore as far as we’re concerned – just so last decade. You can also request more links or CVs directly from the candidate.

What are the candidate's rates?

They vary and THE TALENT REGISTRY has nothing to do with them whatsoever. Don’t worry – this is a good thing! Many agencies will charge you an inflated rate for an operator and in turn pay the operator much less. So, far from getting what you pay for, you pay for one thing and get something worth far less. That clearly sucks. Pay properly, get work done. Let’s not mess with that formula. You can, if you prefer set a budget for your job when you make a request.

I’m not looking for a master craftsperson, just a recent graduate should do fine. Can you help?

Yes. Perhaps you are looking to pay a little less for the operator because you don’t need Jill Bilcock for your not-for-broadcast corporate job. No problem. We do have good quality graduates and less experienced operators who are happy to work for a reduced rate. It is assumed that standard industry rates apply unless otherwise specified. This is made completely clear on the REQUEST FORM.

What stops me from working with these editors in the future without using The Talent Registry?

Nothing – go for it! (See – told you we weren’t like those ‘agencies’). The thing is that everyone likes to have their own favourite editors on their books. We know that. But sooner or later you’re going to need an editor and your favourites aren’t going to be there. This is the niche covered by the FCP TALENT REGISTRY. We are your other ‘books’.

Can we request several candidate's details for general ongoing work?

The answer is Yes…but we discourage it. The best approach is to use our 24 hour free service as jobs come up – and then keep the details of the candidates for further work in future. The candidates we give you now may not be available when you need them. So in a way, requesting names to build up your books defeats the purpose of our service which is to find you great candidates who are available when you need them. We won’t say no to your request but please be aware that it will incur a fee aproximately equal to the day rate of a single freelancer.