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“Not quite an agency, definitely not a jobs board. We’re a matching service for freelancers and producers. We bring them together, then step out of the way.”

Doug Suiter, Founder of FCPTalent.com

A 1st Contact Service

“FCPTalent.com is a service, not a jobs board. We hand pick the best candidates that are available and interested right now based on their reputation with us at the Talent Registry.”

Not an Agency

“We don’t get involved beyond finding your talent, and matching you up. We’re more like a dating service than an agency. Simply request an editor, colourist, motion graphic designer etc and we contact hundreds of candidates in one fell swoop. Of those that are interested and available, we select between one and three for you to consider.”

Not a “Jobs Board”

“This isn’t about algorithms. We hand pick the best candidates who are interested and available for your specific job. We follow up to make sure you’re happy. We are people. Jobs boards don’t do that.”

Rotor Studios
Alexander Thomas Media Co
Starchild Media
Flicks Australia
CMS Australasia
Brand New Midea
Hello Future TV
The Feds

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“That is such a GREAT service. Well done.”

Ben – Motion Graphic Designer

“You are always my first point of call when one of our regular editors aren’t free”

Sarah, Verve Creative

“I want to thank you again for your comprehensive service, and will use and recommend you in the future.”

Chris, Quicksilver Global Brand Management

“…you guys rock!”

Ged, Projekta

“What an outstanding service you offer.”

Ross – Off The Wall Events

“Congrats on the site…I’m lovin it!”

Tomás, Film & TV Editor / Post-Producer

“You do an awesome job with the Talent Registry, it’s nothing short of brilliant.”

Simon, Editor and Motion Graphic Designer

“I think this system is terrific and one of a kind! Great concept!!!”

Luke, Creative Director LVM Enterprises

“The FCP Talent Registry is like ‘Perfect Match’ for Post Production Freelancers!”

Jen, Subject Matters

“Honestly – it’s awesome!”

Teneil, Wedding Photographer

“How do you keep doing this so well??”

Amy Bruce – Righteous Films

“The nature of our business model means being able to expand on demand is key. Partnering with the Final Cut Pro Talent Registry has meant as the business grows we always have a talented editors on tap being able to work to any brief. To put it simply the Final Cut Pro Talent Registry is integral to the success of our business.”

Adam Monaghan – Director at Content Productions